YOU'VE LANDED-------------------------- READY TO ROCK THE INTERNET!?!



Getting back to how to price a domain name. Something I have found to be somewhat of a rarity in the literature over the years.

This is the best way to look at it.

Number one: Consider a three or five year or ten year plan for your marketing, both in and off the internet.

Number two: Understand that at first you will need to ramp up and develop your site treatment, your demographic, and your approach to the demographic. This might take months, hopefully far less time, so be locked and loaded when you drop.

Number three: THIS IS IMPORTANT. Decide according to the length of your plan (that is, a three year plan, a five year plan, ten year plan) what you can adsorb for the monthly cost of your domain name.  Keep in mind, THE LONGER YOU STAY PROFITABLE, the cheaper the monthly cost of a domain is.  Your profit increases but the cost of the name stays the same after the initial higher capitalization. In other words, your name is costly ONLY up front.

For instance:
Along with your other def marketing, a winning domain will put you at the top of the search page, AND will also BUZZ through social media platforms directly into your specific and well targeted audience demographic.

Now you can begin to figure what a domain is worth, and what it is worth per click view. Are you going to be able to absorb $100 per month for the domain, 500 a month for the domain, or a 1000 per month? Are you going to have 1000, 5000, or 10,000 “click throughs” per day (I hope you do :-)). Don’t low ball this monthly cost, IT’S YOUR BUSINESS NAME! The same as a big brightly lit flashing sign over your door in a brick and mortar mall. A lot of time, design and money goes into those signs so don’t go cheap with the name that’s going to “bring ’em to your pages”.

So now you have a head scratching front end cost. Wow! that much…huh.

No, (exhale).

Don’t forget to consider this… that a one thousand dollar a month amortized domain name over a multi year period, along with deductions for advertising and other expenses, is a lot, lot less.

Consider that.

My sincere best to you. I hope you will see the long term potential in each of the three domains that are for sale here. I hope you are paid back in the millions.

Washington DC