YOU'VE LANDED-------------------------- READY TO ROCK THE INTERNET!?!


Dot Coms are still “King”

Another wall of text.  Read this carefully, it’s Important…

(serious 5 minute read)

These are DOT COMS and as all of the so called domainers, so called brokers, so called web name buyers and sellers understand completely, whether they will tell you or not, that DOT COMS ARE KING, have been, and will continue to be.

There’s a lot of misinformation by those who pitch flipping to those who want to be in the business of web site and domain name buying and selling. I’ve read all the flipper blogs, watched all the broker videos, studied all the marketing directions and tricks and tips.

I see a constant flow that’s wrong… wrong from my experience, and incorrect from the people who are trying to pursue their small piece of the Internet domain selling market. It’s a small pie and a lot of people want a piece of it.

My advice to anyone who wants to get into Internet Commerce, whatever your ideas may be, with the correct Dot Com and a solid marketing plan along with study of the details of new and developing devices, you can’t go wrong.

There are those who profess to be experts and will tell you that all manner of odd extensions are the latest/better than the rest/the new chedder/greatest thing since sliced bread and the latest dot triple ZZZ is a hero yet this is just a pitch that sadly convinces, and in many cases fools.

I’m not asking for offers from brokers, so called domainers, or anyone else who is looking for a name to flip. Those professions will tell you, depending on what direction you are taking, the names you are selling are no good or the name you are buying is the best. You’ll hear that one word names are the current “IT” (an old school word for Gucci), that alphabet letter names are the big sellers, and all manner of extensions will work, and you can’t miss with dot企业 no matter what you’re selling.

Understand, these are old school types still working in a world of supposedly high level TLD’s, wildly overpriced, who own or manage huge lists of innocuous and mostly worthless names in order to sound successful in the “you need this web name for some amount with a number 4 in it” business, and remember the Famous Last Words of a URL Marketer: “Hold my beer. I can sell that.”

I’m certain I will be dissed for saying that, however something has changed lately and I’m not speaking as an amateur or a philosopher or a “blogger”. I’m just selling three domains. No middle man to pay. What’s known as a “Private Sale”. Hear me out.

Whether you are in business now and need a new marketing approach, a fresh addition to pitch or rebrand a product on your already established site, would like to update your direction with something totally new, the Three Great Domains For Sale here ALL have the cache to fashion that transition today.

Or, for those who have the knowledge and courage to start to pair your own passionate ideas with emergening strategies, devices, forcasted changes coming to AI, social networks that morph into the Internet of Things (IoT), understand blending and how to monitise it, the Three Great Domains For Sale here ALL have the cache to fashion that transition… Big Time… start planning your trip now…

The marketing you can do and must do as a millennial winner… we speak into our phones, or Alexa’s, and new devices are dropping constantly… using Title (or “Wordies”) DOT COM’s are memorable, “catchy”, trendy, hook the browser and have taken over at lightning speed. This is the future combination of voice recognition, DMme IG FTW, and your favorite cheater app.

Three or four letter domain names make no difference anymore. Spin your thinking around that. Get it?

In the descriptions about these dot COMS for sale, I have detailed the initial reason for purchasing and retaining these unused and very fresh domain names, some copy about the original inspiration, of course that can be re-thought, revamped and major keyed. There’s also a quick executive summary. If you are in a serious position to use one of these domains as a bullseye targeted web site, contact me. (The above details are sent to you separately.)

And importantly, please read on this landing page the section on FAIR PRICING A DOT COM. There are any number of places and products that will give you an estimate of what a domain name is worth, from my experience testing these various name raters with great interest have found the “expert raters” usually put a number four in the price of what a domain name may be worth… something like 400, 340, 450 or somewhere in that area. Wait…What?

Consider there are individuals and companies that own lists of hundreds of domain names, “flippers” they are who gladly pitch innocuous and in most cases unusable names for a dollar amount including, you guessed it, a 4. Props to them! And my sympathies to the buyer.

Keep in mind the hidden costs of auction sites, and other ways you can get played. That’s not to say some of the auction sites don’t work, that’s just my reasonably educated take. (I’m certain I will be dissed again for saying that).